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Beem cash instantly by text message. Pay a friend back, lend a family member some money or just brighten someone's day.

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No queuing or time wasting. Pay remotely with Beem anytime, day or night without revealing any personal or financial details.

Get Cash

Get money into your Beem account instantly wherever you are, no need to visit an ATM or worry if you can’t get online or to your wallet.

Top Up

No need to go online, visit a shop or contact your network, with a simple text to Beem you can be topped up in seconds.

Bank It

Beem money from your Beem account back into your bank account whenever you choose with a quick text.


You can use Beem to donate as much or as little to charity as you wish and you can be sure that every penny of your donation reaches them.

It doesn’t matter what network you’re on, who you bank with or what mobile phone you have, anyone can use Beem prepay or contract.

> Are you part of a Charity?

Find out how Beem works with charities to help increase donations and reduce costs.

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Find out how Beem can open new channels for your business and enhance your customer’s experience.

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Available for Android smartphones in the UK

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We've put together a quick little animation to help explain what you can do with Beem.

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  • Now I have Beem, I'm never really out of cash. I use it for sending money to people and had a nice surprise the other day when I found a taxi firm using it.

    Mark - 39, London

  • I've used Beem for the last year or so to buy loads of tickets for nights out at uni. It's so easy to use and much less hassle than having to wait for ages on campus.

    Tapin - 19, Brunel Student

  • I am new to Beem but have already had some great successes with it, including beeming a small amount of money to my boyfriend so that both of us could buy priority tickets for a night out. This was quick and easy using the "get cash" system and meant my boyfriend could come with me on the night.

    Louisa - 18, Brunel Student

  • I’ve just recently been introduced to Beem and its great! My friend beemed me a fiver she owed me and I went on the website to check it out, there are loads of things that Beem can make easier for me and as a girl is just nice to know I can always get hold of some money if I need it.

    Kerry - 28, Lincs

  • I started using Beem a few months ago. I use top ups for my pay as you go mobile broadband dongal and if I’ve used up all the credit I don’t need to worry about not being able to get online or going out of my way to a shop, I can get a top up voucher in seconds by text. It saves so much hassle.

    Gerard - 32, London

  • I have found many great uses for Beem, including the luxury of buying priority tickets for a night out in my own home instead of waiting for hours to get a normal one. It is a great way of ensuring a whole friendship group get to go to an event greatly in demand without having to all meet up.

    Pete - 21, Brunel Student

  • I think Beem is amazing, it saves me so much time and money, and I can pay money into my bank account whilst sitting watching the television, with no need to go to the bank or go on to the internet! I even sent some money I owed to my friend when I was away on holiday, and it doesn’t cost me a penny to withdraw cash from my bank account! I occasionally do some shopping for a friend of mine and she just pays me by Beem and I can pay into my bank account in a few seconds! It is definitely the way forward!!

    Val - 41, Hampshire

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